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Look at what neighbor caught firefighters doing in Baytown, TX

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A neighbor’s secret cell phone pictures shared on social media have put the spotlight on some firefighters in Texas. Usually that means there will be outrage in the community and someone is going to be in trouble. But that’s not the case in Baytown where the crews from Engine 4, Medic 4 and Medic 2 finished the job cardiac arrest victim John McCormick started.

McCormick collapsed while mowing his lawn Tuesday afternoon. The firefighters were able to restore the pulse of the 65-year-old man. But that wasn’t enough according to Kevin Reece at KHOU-TV:

But when they left the hospital to drive back to Station 4, engine driver Luke Bednarek had an idea. Why not go back to the McCormick home and finish mowing his yard for him.

TX Baytown firefighter mow lawn 8-26-14

“We’re all fighting over who can push the mower first,” said Station 4 Lt. J.D. Giles.

They took turns behind John McCormick’s lawn mower. They finished the backyard too, locked the garage, put the padlock key in the mailbox, and Giles left a handwritten note to Patsy McCormick that said in part “we felt bad that your husband didn’t get to finish the yard, so we did.”

“It just showed me that there’s still compassion,” said McCormick’s daughter Jeana Blackford. 

This story does not have a happy ending. John McCormick died two days later.

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