Helmet-cam video from Endicott, NY apartment fire

Helmet-cam video from West Corners Fire of an apartment fire around 6:30 this (Sunday) morning at 8 Hillside Court in Endicott, New York.


Eight apartments across two buildings were affected by the fire. Two of the apartments burned were vacant at the time.

None of the residents were injured, but the Endicott Fire Department sad one fire investigator had to be treated for carbon monoxide poisoning.

The fire was out in about three hours, according to firefighters.

Action News on the scene reported crews started to evacuate more people in surrounding buildings around 11:30 a.m. The Endicott Bomb Squad arrived just before noon. 

NY Endicott apartment fire 1 9-7-14

Megan Brockett.

The investigator is expected to be treated and released, Griswold said.

The Endicott Bomb Squad was called to the scene during the investigation into the fire’s cause, which remains ongoing.

Griswold said crews found items that required removal by the bomb squad, but he did not elaborate.

NY Endicott apartment fire 2 9-7-14


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