Helmet-cam video from 2-alarm storage facility fire in York County, PA

SjRothPhotography with still pictures and helmet-cam video from a two-alarm fire yesterday (Friday) in Penn Township, Pennsylvania (York County, PA). The building was under renovation from a previous fire. The helmet-cam video starts at :34. As you will hear there are immediate concerns about collapse potential on Side A.


Witnesses could see smoke from three miles away. It was coming from a storage facility, which used to be a potato processing plant, at the intersection of Black Rock and Baer roads in Penn Township, York County. “Leaving the station smoke was so heavy that you even had a tough time seeing when getting through the intersection. A large volume of smoke,” said Captain Geoff Miller with the Penn Township Fire Department.

The State Fire Marshal was on scene investigating, but it’s unclear what caused the fire. Investigators say arson is not being ruled out. It’s not the first time fire crews have been to this building. “We were here roughly a year ago for a fire in the basement so we know the building and the hazards that it presents,” said Miller.

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