Two men claim they were hazed at Albuquerque fire academy

Cole Miller, KRQE:

Two men say they were bullied and mistreated in the time they spent hoping to become Albuquerque firefighters. The former AFD cadets say it was hazing. They both were in the academy within the last year and say they have never been treated so poorly.

“Some of the academy staff would make cadets wear props to humiliate them in front of their classmates,” he said.

NM Albuquerque cadet harassment 1

Another former AFD cadet tells KRQE News 13 he spent just three days at the academy before he had to be rushed to the hospital.

“(The instructors) didn’t allow me to drink water unless I was told to drink water,” the second former cadet said.

“It shut my kidneys down, gave me a mild heart attack.”

After three days in the hospital, the academy told him to either resign or be fired – he resigned. He, too, is now a firefighter with another department.

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