Read two reports into Dallas firefighter’s death – Errors by command cited

TX Dallas Stanley Wilson report

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Ken Kalthoff, KXAS-TV:

A combination of deficiencies contributed the death of Dallas Firefighter Stanley Wilson last year according to reports from the State Fire Marshal and Dallas Fire Rescue obtained Thursday by NBC 5.

Wilson, 51, was a father and husband. He’d been a Dallas Firefighter for 28 years.

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The reports were provided to Wilson’s widow Jenny and her attorney Barry Hasten Wednesday after months of requests for results of investigations about the fire at the Hearthwood Condominiums.

Both reports cite shortcomings in risk assessment, communications, supervision, firefighting tactics and training.

Tristan Hallman,

A State Fire Marshal report found that the department’s commanders failed to conduct proper risk assessment, supervise personnel adequately and make the right decisions about how to battle the blaze and whether to search the buildings.

The Dallas Fire-Rescue line-of-duty-death report makes similar conclusions and details confusion that night between commanders as the building burned. It also gives conflicting accounts on what the commander on scene, Deputy Chief Bobby Ross, told Wilson’s crew to do. The account of many firefighters on the scene, excluding Ross, matches what Wilson’s longtime friend Jim Crump, a retired Dallas firefighter, had said early on in the investigation.

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