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Must see: Helmet-cam video shows man rescued from Richmond, CA vacant building fire

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This latest video posted by Richmond (CA) Fire Department Captain Marc Lucero shows a man being rescued from a fire around 7:00 a.m. last Wednesday. Reports indicate the man survived.

The fire occurred at 113 West McDonald Avenue, in what appeared to have been a commercial building that is now owned by the city and boarded up with heavy plywood. Initial units reported moderate smoke with a working fire on the first floor. Fire was reported under control within about 30 minutes.

Here’s the description with the video:

Richmond Fire Department, California: At this fire you’ll get a view of what it is like to rescue someone from a fire in zero visibility with high heat conditions. Video starts prior to crews making entry for fire attack. Coordinating a 2 1/2 inch hose stretch to the second floor has it’s difficulty it’s self so the crew opted to switch for a more manageable to a 1 3/4 150gpm line. Just as the hoseline stretch is being made, about 15 feet into the fire Captain Nick Jackalone finds a victim who has succumbed to the fire and could not make it out. Captain Jackalone “the voice you hear in video” calls out that they have found a body. He and Captain Marc Palechek’s crew E62 quickly work well together to remove the victim who remains unconscious and suffering from moderate injuries.

CA Richmond fire with rescue 1

The victim is quickly treated by crews on the outside and transported to Kaiser Hospital Richmond where he survives his injuries. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be inside a working fire this is a great video to listen too with your eyes closed! When they enter I challenge you to close your eyes and just listen! This job is done most of the time this way, because often, there is just nothing to see. Black smoke provides zero visibility and high heat conditions add a uncomfortable dangerous element that firefighters have to overcome to have a successful outcome such as this. Great job too and I hate to say it! “B-Shift” for a job well done and giving the public another insider view of what firefighters across the country go through every day! Captain: Victor Bontempo is Incident command.

CA Richmond fire with rescue 2


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