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Must see video: Explosion injures firefighters at apartment fire

Incendie et explosion dans un immeuble à Marseille by LaProvence

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Firefighter seriously injured in explosion in France.

Two successive explosions rang this morning at 10:20 in an apartment of a two storey building at the corner of the street and boulevard Salengro Ventimiglia (15th) in Marseilles. A gas cylinder is the cause of the accident, which caused an impressive fire. Three fire engines are there, the fire is now under control.

FR Paris explosion 1

Three firefighters were injured, including one who had to jump from the first floor as a result of an explosion, was seriously wounded in the legs. He was taken to the emergency room by his colleagues. The entire building was evacuated before the first explosion.
France epxlosion 3
France epxlosion 4
France explosion 2

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