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Ultimate selfie: Man shoots his extrication from crushed car

This a great day for me. Years ago I predicted there would soon be a day when we regularly saw firefighters rescue people from two different angles, the rescuer and the person being rescued. We are now half-way there. A man in British Columbia did a selfie video as he was being extricated from a crushed vehicle. Here it is. If only one of the rescuers had on a helmet-cam. Thanks to Trey Mettinger for passing this along.


After a serious car crash medics will tell you they do everything they can to keep those involved awake until they can get to the hospital.

That’s probably why medics who responded to a crash outside Victoria early one January morning didn’t stop the lone occupant of the car from taking a selfie while they used the Jaws of Life to cut through the twisted metal and rescue him.

The man, Andrew Mac, says he blacked out behind the wheel January 11th around 5:30am and ran his car straight into a pole.

In the video Mac can be seen in a neck brace with blood under his nose and across parts of his face.

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