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UPDATED – A must listen: ‘Do not come back out of that house until that second floor is out’


For those who asked, I have now posted the entire audio file of this fire that was on Broadcastify. It is the second clip below.


This bit of fireground audio from the Highland Park Fire Department in Michigan was sent to me yesterday (Tuesday). It’s from a house fire on Sunday morning. At first, I thought what I was listening to was either a hoax or someone playing around or busting chops on the radio. To be honest, I’m still not sure. But I’m told by usually reliable people that the people giving the orders were not kidding around.

Here are two of the more interesting quotes:

There’s three lines inside that house and if you guys don’t start making a little better knock on this fire man, I’m going to request the box. There’s no excuse for the fire to be growing like this.

Do not come back out of that house until that second floor is out.

Here’s what wrote about this audio:

Take a moment and listen to this fire ground audio from a fire a few days ago in Highland Park, MI. According to the person who sent it to us, Highland Park is completely surrounded by Detroit and as of the first of this year, is dispatched by Detroit FD and is part of an automatic mutual aid system whereby Detroit sends a Chief, an Engine or Two and a Rescue Squad on box alarms (structure fires) in Highland Park. The submitter of this heard this live and could not believe what was happening. The Firefighters of Highland Park have some significant challenges…….

Apparently, Highland Park received the call directly and responded with a reported 7 Firefighters on scene without the automatic aid-after the DFD dispatcher asked if they wanted the full assignment.

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