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Caught on video: Mayday in Lansing, MI reader Taylor Clark found this interesting video that we missed. It’s from a house fire in Lansing, Michigan just before 6:00 am on March 20 where a firefighter fell through the floor of a home into the burning basement. The video, posted by pawlukw on April 24, shows angles from camera worn by a battalion chief and two firefighters, including the one trapped.

According to the description with the video, the Lansing Fire Department responded to the fire with 25 personnel (3 engines, 2 trucks, 2 battalion chiefs and 1 medic unit). The firefighter on the nozzle, despite sounding the wood floor, fell through it from the living room to the basement. In the video, you can see fire burning across the ceiling of the basement.

Here’s more from the description:

A MAYDAY was called by the nozzle man’s company officer and Rapid Intervention was immediately deployed. A two part rescue attempt incurred. Attempts were made to rescue the firefighter thru the hole (made while falling into the basement) and via interior basement stairwell. Fortunately the fire fighter was not seriously injured (moderate time/loss shoulder injury from fall onto concrete floor in basement) and was able to extinguish some fire while awaiting rescue. The fire fighter who fell into the basement was rescued out of the hole using an attic ladder.

MI Lansing Mayday 2 3-20-15


MI Lansing Mayday 3-20-15


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