Raw video as restaurant & apartments burn in La Crosse, WI

Raw video Monday night as the Railway Bar & Grill in La Crosse, Wisconsin burned Monday night and destroyed apartments above the restaurant.


“We were able to make interior access to the building and the fire had gotten up into the attic area,” said La Crosse Fire Department Division Chief Tom Wallerich. ” It started up in one of the apartments and progressed into the attic area. It’s an older building, it’s like over 100-year-old building.  Very tough fire to fight.  A lot of concealed spaces. Multiple ceilings in the structure so very challenging.”

“Our immediate concern was life safety obviously. We confirmed everyone was out of the building. There’s an apartment building that’s adjacent to the structure which houses I believe eight apartments as well and it’s very close to the fire structure,” said Chief Wallerich.

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