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UPDATED – Caught on video: Four Los Angeles County firefighters fall through roof of abandoned casino


The full raw video of this incident from LOUDLABS NEWS has been added below. The collapse and rescue began at 3:47 on the video.



 Four firefighters were injured after falling through a roof while battling a blaze in Cudahy late Thursday.

 They were hurt while fighting a three-alarm fire at the abandoned Club Caribe Casino at Atlantic Avenue and Clara Street at around 11:38 p.m, a Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman said.

They were cutting a hole in the roof to release hot gases when it collapsed below them, and they plunged 30 feet to the floor below.

An official said the firefighters have been transported to the USC Medical Center for treatment. One suffered moderate injuries. while three other sustained minor injuries. They are each in stable condition.

CA Cudahy Los Angeles County firefighters fall through the roof 1


Los Angeles County Fire Department officials said the roof collapsed like a slide, and the firefighters slid down. This minimized the firefighters’ injuries, but the incident was still very intense.

“It’s very terrifying. These are guys that I’ve worked with day in and day out. This is actually my old crew here, so I know all the gentlemen involved in this incident,” said Chris Reade with the Los Angeles County Fire Department. “When you’re up on that rooftop and you start hearing creaking from that wood, I can’t imagine. It’s never happened to me, but I can’t imagine what was going through their mind at first.”


“Our rescue intervention crew went right to work, were able to get them out, and the crews were speaking with them the entire time,” Reade said, adding that the men were conscious during the rescue.

Three of the firefighters were released from the hospital and one remained in the burn unit as of Friday morning, the Fire Department tweeted.

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