Firefighters salvage flags dumped in fire station trash on Memorial Day

Firefighters at Port Tampa Fire Rescue Station 19 near MacDill Air Force Base spent Memorial Day dealing with six American flags someone threw into a dumpster behind the firehouse. The Tampa firefighters salvaged four of the flags and flew them in front of the firehouse.

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Capt. Tom Meid says what they found made them angry.

“We found these six American flags on poles stuffed at the bottom of our dumpster and covered in debris and especially today being Memorial Day, that’s not right.”

Meid said they immediately decided to clean up the desecrated flags. “All the people who have sacrificed for that flag and one of our crew members is a Marine, so that kind of had some other added importance … that this is no way to treat the flag. So we had to take them out and salvage them.”

FL POrt Tampa fire station flags

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