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Must see: Florida paramedic dumps cancer patient off of gurney onto hospital floor

Meg Wagner, New York Daily News:

A Florida paramedic who tossed a cancer patient out of a gurney and onto a hospital floor will now face lesser charges.

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Brevard county firefighter and medic Kenneth Hallenbeck was originally charged with felony abuse of the elderly or disabled for the February attack inside Weustoff Medical Center in Rockledge. That charge was reduced to a misdemeanor last week, WFTV reported.

The fire department fired the 35-year-old in March over the incident, which was caught on newly released surveillance video.


Slater said he refused to leave the stretcher because no beds were available after Hallenbeck wheeled him into the Weustoff Medical Center in Rockledge, and Hallenbeck lost his temper.

“He started screaming and then grabbed the gurney and picked it up and threw me on the floor. That’s when the guy behind the counter said, ‘You need to go call your boss, I have to call the police department,’” Slater said.

FL Brevard County patiend dumped

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