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Firefighter fired over Facebook poll rating female firefighters they would like to sleep with

SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome) has a side effect that few people consider while they are in the middle of destroying their own livelihood. Depending on how severe a case of SMACSS we are talking about, there’s always the potential for legal action (criminal or civil). Such was the case in Australia with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. They have been dealing with a scandal since late last year that resulted in a government inquiry that found there was a toxic workplace culture hostile to women.

AU sex scandal 2


Read Courier-Mail article.

As a result of all this, fire officer Jon Wreford was criminally charged in April for using the Internet to menace, harass or cause offense. This was over a poll set up in Facebook rating which female firefighters would be best in bed. The criminal charges were soon dropped against Wreford, but that didn’t bring an end to his troubles. The latest news is that Jon Wreford has been fired “due to behavioral misconduct and sexual harassment.”

Check out the latest article by Greg Stolz at the Courier-Mail for all the details, including information on another firefighter still facing criminal charges.

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