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Take a look at how this house caught fire

Some very interesting pictures and a little video showing how a CNG fueled recycling truck on the street set a house on fire yesterday (Thursday) in Chesapeake, Virginia.


A recycling truck that runs on natural gas caught fire in Chesapeake and that sparked fire at a nearby home.

Division Chief Simone Gulisano told 13News that a TFC Recycling truck was on Country Club Blvd. at Las Gaviotas when it caught fire around 8:50 a.m.

“Somehow, the gas ignited. The truck is destroyed, for the most part,” he said. “The driver is okay.”

Cindy Clayton, The Virginian-Pilot:

The fire was reported shortly after 8:40 a.m. and when firefighters arrived, they found that it had spread to the home, said Division Chief Simone Gulisano. One person was home at the time of the fire and was able to escape unharmed.

The fire significantly damaged the front of the home and spread to the attic.

Statement from TFC, the owners of the truck:

TFC and our insurance company will cover any costs of repairs to the home and offer any other assistance to the displaced family as a result of this unexpected event. Based on our preliminary investigation at the scene, there appears to have been a hydraulic leak near the engine that caught fire, which the driver attempted to contain.   The CNG tanks are designed to vent when under external pressure to prevent rupture or explosion.  As the tanks heated this morning, the relief valve discharged and the venting, as expected, began. The venting gas then came in contact with the flames and ignited. TFC has operated CNG powered vehicles for over three years in Hampton Roads without incident, and our industry currently runs several thousand CNG trucks nationwide. Accidents of this nature across the country are extremely rare, and CNG vehicles have an exemplary safety record. TFC will continue to work with the Chesapeake Fire Department on the investigation, and we will review all of our safety and operating procedures to protect our employees and the general public in the cities in which we are honored to collect and dispose of recyclable materials. 

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