Must see: Woman solves arson on live TV & even gives the motive

(Thanks to John Niehus for sending along this story.)

As a reporter doing live TV you sometimes don’t want to ask too many questions ahead of time of the people you are interviewing, because you don’t want to lose the spontaneity. But sometime the spontaneity you hoped for becomes a little too spontaneous, taking a turn in a direction that might just leave your mouth hanging open for a while.

Such was the case with WKBN-TV’s Derrick Lewis covering a fire this morning in Leavittsburg, Ohio that damaged two homes and two garages. Lewis was interviewing Heather Tenney. She lives in one of the homes with her husband, who was standing behind Tenney during the interview.

When reporter Lewis asked if Tenney knew how this fire started she answered, “Yes, I do. It’s because of my cousin and I don’t want to mention no names.” It might have been best for the audience if Tenney didn’t mention the motive either. But she did. You will have to listen for yourself. It starts at 1:48 into the video.

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