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UPDATED: Virginia firefighter’s comment about fighting back against police getting scrutiny – Firefighter reacts to controversy

A website called “Stop The Cop Haters” has written about a Fairfax County, Virginia firefighter’s comment on Facebook that appears to encourage the public to physically fight back against police.

Khalil B. Adbul-Rasheed identifies himself on his Facebook page as a firefighter/EMT with the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department.


VA Fairfax County Khalil Rasheed 2


Below is the comment that “Stop The Cop Haters” pointed out that Firefighter Abdul-Rasheed posted on the Facebook page of “Filming Cops”. The website says it was from comments in connection with the police involved shooting of Devon Guilford in Eaton County, Michigan last February:

VA Fairfax Khalil Rasheed post 1

You can read the entire post by “Stop The Cop Haters” here.

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The Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department issued this statement this (Tuesday) afternoon:

The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department is aware of a recent social media post  by one of our employees that concerns us. We consider this a serious matter and the situation is currently under investigation. The Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department will not tolerate committing or inciting violence against law enforcement officers. Fairfax County public safety agencies continue to have a strong working relationship and solid professional respect for each other.

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I have been in touch today with Firefighter Abdul-Rasheed via Facebook messaging. He had a lot to say about police and his situation at the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department. It took me a while to verify if he wanted these comments posted. In the end, Firefighter Abdul-Rasheed said to post them, despite his concern about spelling and grammar errors. Here is the transcript of our conversation (including my spelling and gammar errors):

Dave Statter: I imagine you are aware one of your posts about police is making the rounds on the web. I will probably post about the controversy on If you have anything you would like to add or say please let me know. Also, my email is [email protected].

Khalil B. Abdul-Rasheed: No..Dave im suck to my stomach with what is happening. …all i know is i fear for my sons lives….it just makes me upset and its unfair.

D: Do you want me to post what you just wrote? I’ve also asked the department if they had any comment.

K: I dont get involved fire dept talk…what podt is it .

K: Post

D: I am not sure what you are asking. As you know your comments have been highlighted by the website Stop The Cop Haters. The post by that site has be making the rounds this morning. I am writing about the controversy for my site (I do a lot of stories on social media issues involving firefighters). I just wanted to know if you want me to add to my post you comment That you are sick to your stomach with what is happening and that you fear for you sons lives. If so is your fear about the controversy today or police in general?

K: Well dave what will it change…people are dying. …ive lived in the all the Us and Europe. ..finished HS in the south. I ve been on the end of a gun on the ground in church cloth for what….cause a cop had a bad day….dont tell me how to feel…andcwe didnt have media then. The distrust in these communities run deep. Nut no i dont care what they think…ive not had much problem with cops in my area…but plenty in dc…i stay out of there unless i need to go there..if you get my point….maybe its just training. ..idk…strange…you have to have training to be compassionate and humane in your job.sigh…no t hank dave…let them smear all they want.

D: Just to be clear, you would prefer that I not put any of these comments on my site and leave them between us. That is not a problem. If not, I just want to make sure that you know that at any time you wish to make any comments please let me know. Thanks.

If i can be killed for hold a plastic fork or broken tail light…would you be angry or want to fight….is my reaction wrong…. we debate on post and argue but ive dont treat or distespect anyone at my place of business….nor do i let people treat me any type of way

D: I don’t know what, if any, action FCFRD has taken in regards to this. They have not said anything and no one has told me. I understand your point of view on the police issue but I am not clear if you want me to publish any of this or not. Just trying to be fair.

K: I assume so….trust me i know,anout the termination talk….but you know dave theyve wanted to fire me before….every since recruit school theyve slander my religion and name…theyve made up stories that people laughed and believed at…ive been called a terrorist in front of officers and nothing has been done about….this has been my life in the dept….but im alone in this…and just had to accept and deal with it….its always the same type of individuals….so i dont pretend were friends…but i say good morning and go to my corner …thats it

K: What is your opinion dave…i really know nothing about you

D: My opinion is not important here. What I can tell you is your name or religion is not an issue with me in any way. I just want to be as fair to you as I can when writing about this. I want to know if you would like me to post these comments or any other comments in connection with this issue.

K: I dont care if you post it… one is going to be hurt by me…..but if anyone harms my lived ones for no reason…im a father i will protect who i love and wont stop until i get justice….i didnt run from gangs in my hood and im not gonna be miss treated from figures who abuse authority…..dave! Where more upset over the death of a lion…though i like animals…but black people are being gunned down…then they get to walk away……this isnt right!…and anything i talk is what ive seen on video concerning police brutality

K: How will you present it

D: I have state the facts that Stop The Cops Haters has targeted a Fairfax County firefighter for his comment about fighting back against police. I offer no opinion. I would just add your comment s verbatim as written or can add a more formal statement, if you would like.

K: I have a lot of grammar errors in the writing

D: Take your time and write your thoughts, if you would like. You can email at [email protected] and I will post.

K: No…im upset and disgusted about the unfairness a racism in this country…as a black were not allowed to be angry…were a threat because of color…or in my case color and religion….anyone who knows me knows me….anyone who has taken the time to ask me out of curiosity can tell you about me. I dont worry about those who have preconception or fears….i had to learn to leave closed minded people,alone…i cant change…and its not mandatory that people like me….i treat individuals how they treat me.

D: Okay, but I am still not clear if you want me to post this or not. Trying to be fair to you.

D: Please let me know ASAP if I should post what is here, you will send me something different, or you prefer not to officially comment.

K: Dave no one will ever be hurt by me…i have self control…i get angry but i dont react. I have to much to lose and a family to raise….im the bad seed but im not them one walking in to theaters hurting people….im just done with how we can pick and choose who is the bad guy…just because you speak amongst other people who are concerned also…maybe police should act better toeards people…i shouldn’t wind up dead. I just cant get padt that.

K: I have to many errors and i dont feel like writing all this over

D: I understand. It’s totally your choice. Here is what is posted so far on my site-

Let me know how you want to proceed.

K: Go ahead post my rwbuttal…i see there trying to make out to be some nass murder cop killer now…so damn pathetic

D: I will post verbatim what you have written to me. It will take a bit to add.

After the messages above were added to this post, the following conversation occurred about 15-minutes later:

K: And that post is from a white cop shooting a white kid… they can squash all the hate white people talk. There was a video of a cop pummeling a mentally ill black woman….my point was this…as on ny and recently with the young officer killed in a Marijuana stop….your going to flush out hardened crimals who are not going to hesitate. .it always the good officer who gets the heat because if this atmosphere these other idiot cops have created…a cop tried to take a 14 y/o kids from school…the parents formed a ring around the child not letting the cops take him…because of some minor infraction in school…he,was releaded back to the school…again my point is hey dont stand around and let that happen …..come together and protect the individual..even if you have to lay on top of them or pull cops off…they’re not going to shoot everyone. would they explsin that….everyone that cops stop is doing anything majorly wrong and they certainly shouldnt wind up dead…..there are to many body cam vids thst attest to some of these cops crookedness….if it not corrected snd the fear grows….your gonna have people do what happened to the two cops in ny….i fear for my son everyday when he walks to school….if anyone doesnt like it or doesnt understand the fear in african american communities. …i cant help that…but there are two different standards in the country. Period

K: Just post this last part

K: That my rebuttal…if they want to fire me its Allah’s decree. …i dont fear men.

D: Kahlil, I just posted the verbatim as I said I would based on our coversation. It is already out there. I will add this.

K: Ok

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