Atlanta firefighters rescue 3 children from house fire

Rodney Harris, WGLC-TV:

Three children are recovering after being rescued from a house fire in Atlanta Wednesday night. 

The fire occurred at a house in the 1000 block of Valley View Road. The house had burglar bars on all windows. 

Firefighters had to administer oxygen to three children that were rescued from the fire. Two of the children were last listed in critical but stable condition. The third child is listed in stable condition.

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Atlanta Fire and Rescue Captain Chip Newell, Sgt. Jesse Yates and Sgt. Christopher Martin described the four-minute rescue in an afternoon news conference on Thursday

It was hot for us going in, because the fire was coming out the front door,” said Newell. “The front door was engulfed in fire, you look at the plate window, there was fire coming out there, too.”

While other firefighters fought flames, Newell, Yates and Martin went in the burning home to looked for children in thick black smoke after telling their colleagues with water hoses blasting the flames to keep the first away from them as they searched for the children.

Steve Vesser,

Sgt. Christopher Martin and Sgt. Jesse Yates felt their way down a hallway to a bedroom. Inside Yates, felt an unconscious child on the floor.

Two minutes later, according to the rescue log, the second child was found in a hallway and carried out the front door by Newell.

Moments later, Martin found a third child in the back bedroom, taking him out through the window after firefighters outside broke off the burglar bars.

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