Listen to conversation after Illinois man finds fire department radio

In Mount Prospect, Illinois (Cook County) a man found a fire department radio Saturday morning and used it to get it back to the fire department. The radio belonged to Des Plaines Tower Ladder 63. After overcoming a language barrier, a dispatcher was able to get police over to the man’s home to pick it up. Police then met up with the Des Plaines firefighters to return the radio. (Thanks to Keith Greene for sending this to STATter911.)

He said he heard it “talking” and saw it in the street on Dempster Street. He took it home and pressed the transmit button and asked if someone lost a radio.

About 6:30 a.m. he transmitted on the fire emergency channel for Des Plaines Fire Department, and the dispatch center replied. The man was nice enough to secure the radio for the firefighters, but told dispatchers he had to go to work. 

Considering this area of Mount Prospect has an abundance of gang crime activity, the fire department was lucky to benefit from the good deed done by a good citizen.


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