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Raw video & radio traffic: 4-alarm fire in Paterson, NJ

Video and radio traffic above from tornadochaser66 and more video below from Jeff Stang taken during a 4-alarm fire Tuesday evening on N. 4th Street in Paterson, New Jersey that damaged 3 multi-family homes.

Myles Ma,

Firefighters arrived at a blaze at 195 North 4th St. about a minute after it was reported at 5:06 p.m. Tuesday, Paterson Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Hancock said. A unit was just down the street when the call came in.

There was heavy fire at the multifamily house when firefighters arrived, spreading to 197 North 4th St. Firefighters went into 195 North 4th St. but the fire forced them to back out.

The fire reached four alarms by 5:23 p.m., Hancock said. Firefighters went into 199 North 4th St. to keep the fire from spreading to that multifamily house. The fire never reached 199, but it took water, smoke and heat damage.



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