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Must see: Firefighters save an extremely grateful victim

Video above and still pictures below from Michael O’Keefe of First Response Photography in North Texas. They show the rescue of a man and his dog trapped in rushing water around 3:00 Friday morning in McKinney. McKinney firefighters found the man and his dog trapped in a tree near Eldorado Parkway and College Street.

As you can see immediately below, the dog did not hesitate to show thanks to firefighters.

TX McKinney water rescue 1

See all pictures from Michael O’Keefe, First Response Photography

Chris Beattie, McKinney Courier-Gazette:

The man called 911 from the tree, unsure of his exact location but relaying to dispatchers that he was scared the water would overtake him and he’d lose service to his phone, according to Stacie Durham, spokeswoman for the McKinney Fire Department.

TX McKinney water rescue 2

A search team was able to use pings from his cellphone during his 911 call to determine his location. They initiated what Durham called a long-angle rescue: They set the fire engine ladder over the water from the Eldorado bridge, then swift-water rescue personnel lowered down and retrieved the man and his dog.

TX McKinney water rescue 4

Meredith Yeomans, KXAS-TV:

Firefighters hanging by ropes were lowered beneath the bridge to make the rescue.

TX McKinney water rescue 5

There was a sense of relief felt by all involved when their feet finally hit the ground. There was also an unexpected show of gratitude seconds later by man’s best friend.

TX McKinney water rescue 6

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