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UPDATE: ‘Conductor, we have a problem!’ – a most bizarre video from a DC Metro train

(NOTE: The original video posted by Steve Clark has been removed, but a new one has been posted by Suresh Kumar.)

UPDATE has info from Metro about this incident:

A Metro spokesperson told WUSA9 the incident happened Thursday night on a Yellow line train heading towards the L’Enfant Plaza Station. Metro transit police and medics met the man at the next station and interviewed him. Passengers on the train also called police from their cell phones about the man.

The spokesperson said there was never a threat to the train and no injuries were reported.


This is one of the stranger videos I’ve come across in recent days. It was posted yesterday (Thursday) by Steve Clark and it was taken on board a Metro train in the Washington, DC area. It’s titled “See something Say something does no good. DC Metro.”

It begins with what we assume is Mr. Clark continually pressing the emergency call box on the train screaming “Conductor, we have a problem!” over his belief that someone threatened Clark by pretending to reach for a gun. Very quickly, the other passengers realize they do have a problem and it’s not the man Mr. Clark is worried about. Steve Clark acknowledges all of this in his description with the video. Here’s an excerpt:

No response from the WMATA Emergency Call box when another rider (The man in the yellow Whole Foods shirt at 0:52 in the video!) pretended to reach for a gun. Anyone that knows this man, please come forward.

When I tried to call the conductor using the Emergency Call Box, NO action was taken by WMATA. How many times does someone (in need!) need to press this damn button?! What the Hell does the button do?! Does opening the door help?!

Ultimately, the other riders tried to get ME off the train, then a guy, the African American gentleman with the hooodie and gloves (Seen at 0:38), grabbed my phone from my hand, and stepped off the train.

Read the entire description

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