Must read: Convicted mobster wants leniency because he was once a firefighter

It turns out Paul Carparelli, former suburban Chicago pizza shop owner and now convicted mobster, is also a former firefighter in Bloomingdale, Illinois. Considered part of he Cicero Street crew, Carparelli entered a guilty plea to extortion in a case that extends to Las Vegas, the East Coast and Wisconsin.

In an effort to get a more lenient sentence from a federal judge, Carparelli and his attorney used the “F” card, making note of Carparelli’s time helping the public as a firefighter. The problem is that prosecutors have recordings of conversations where Paul Carparelli’s cites his own history of fighting fires and saving lives. I’m not sure the judge will find it all that impressive.

Jon Seidel of the Chicago Sun Times shared these wonderful exerpts:

“I said for twenty-eight grand a year, I’ll drive you, and you guys wanna go fight the fire, I’ll go get the donuts,” Carparelli is quoted as saying in a transcript of a phone conversation he had with one of his goons in March 2012.

IL Cicero Paul Carparelli 1

“It just wasn’t the job for me, you know. You gotta help them f—— people,” Carparelli said.

“F—in’ f—in’ n—-ers dyin’. Let that motherf—– die, I’m not gonna help him. You know what I mean? You gotta be a certain kind of person for that . . . I guess you gotta like people. My problem is I hate everybody,” Carparelli said.

“So the fire response is always pickin’ up them old f—in’ f—ers that are croakin’ in the nursing home. You know what I mean?” he asks.

“The lady, oh, I’m havin’ chest pains, I’m havin’ chest pains. She says I’ve been havin’ chest pains since 6:30, 7:00, you know, at night. I looked at her, I said lady, it’s 2:00 in the morning. You wait until 2:00 in the morning and call us, why didn’t you call us at 7:00, you woke everybody up,” Carparelli said, according to the transcript.

Read entire article from the Chicago Sun-Times

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