Must see video: Police tase man & then rescue him from house fire he set

Body-cam video from a police officer in West Jordan, Utah who had a confrontation with 36-year-old Brandon Jordan on New Year’s Eve. According to police, Jordan has set the home on fire and was armed with a long blade. An officer used a stun gun on Jordan and then had to work on getting him out of the home with a fire burning a couple feet away. More on this story from Rescue Humor.


Police and fire responded to a home in West Jordan Thursday, and what began as a call about a domestic violence incident became a two-alarm fire. The video released Friday shows officers kicking in a door to enter the home, where they find the suspect in the process of lighting the home on fire.

During the video an officer deploys a stun gun against the suspect, who falls to the floor. It appears the man had a machete or some sort of long blade in his hand at the time, and the fire he set quickly grew as officers worked to control the scene.

“He threatened the officer with a machete, officer Tased him, and then they drug him out of the house and the house was engulfed in fire,” said Chief Doug Diamond of the West Jordan Police Department.

A West Jordan home has been destroyed by fire last night, and police told Nicole Vowell they believe it was set intentionally. They also say their officers put their lives on the line to save the suspect.

Posted by KSL 5 TV on Friday, January 1, 2016

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