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Photographer videos his rescue from 48th floor of burning Dubai high-rise

This video above by Dennis Mallari shows Dennis Mallari trapped on the 48th floor of a burning high-rise in Dubai on New Year’s Eve. Mallari, a Dubai based photographer from the Philippines, was in the building known as The Address Downtown to shoot the Burj Khalifa fireworks. It became too smokey inside and Mallari sought refuge outside the building.

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Seeing it as his only option, he then dangled from the 48th storey of the 990-foot-tall building on a window cleaning platform, phoning friends to ask for help.

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Then, after almost 90 minutes of clinging for his life outside the building, the video shows a firefighter named Hassan appearing to save him, and helping him off the ledge. Hassan and Dennis then run down 48 storeys of the building to the safety of an ambulance (where you can see another firefighter being treated for smoke inhalation).

Dubai hotel fire 1 12-31-15

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