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MUST SEE VIDEOS: Gutsy or stupid? Woman pulls over cop for speeding

Two-years-ago, brought you the story of Eric Campbell, who shot video of a speeding Tampa Fire Rescue PIO. Campbell said his video showed the department vehicle traveling in excess of 100 mph (stories here & here). Campbell had been making it his business to track speeding police and other government vehicles. But to my knowledge, even Eric Campbell didn’t go as far as Claudia Castillo.

Castillo didn’t like seeing a Miami-Dade Police Department car on Friday passing her at what she says was 90 mph. So Castillo gave chase with her cell phone camera rolling. Believe it or not, Ms. Castillo was able to get the officer to pull over (video above) and join her in a conversation.

In that meeting, the officer said he was driving to work. He listened politely as Ms. Castillo berated him for his driving. It really is a somewhat remarkable video. I am imagining what some of the officer’s co-workers had to say about the video.

The two videos below are what Ms. Castillo shot before the face to face on the side of the road. That’s followed by a WFOR-TV report.

Sarah Larimer, The Washington Post:

“The Miami-Dade Police Department will have the officer’s immediate command staff investigate the matter, once the officer and citizen are identified,” police director Juan Perez told CBS affiliate WFOR in a statement. “The appropriate course of action will be taken at that point.”

A few years ago, the Sun-Sentinel, a newspaper in South Florida, won a Pulitzer Prize for its investigation into off-duty officers speeding on the roadways.

The investigation, which analyzed toll data, determined that nearly 800 officers from several departments and agencies were reaching excessive speeds, sometimes hitting 130 mph.

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