Early video from apartment fire in New Jersey — Girl jumps into cop’s arms

(This morning, I found out nine-year-old Sofya Doroshenko, who bravely jumped into the arms of police officers, goes to school in Mahwah with my niece Bella. Bella is very happy the police officers were there and Sofya is safe.)

Early video, above, from Barbara Alexis taken during an apartment fire yesterday (Tuesday) in Mahwah, New Jersey. During the fire, a police officer caught a 9-year-old who jumped off a balcony to escape the fire.

Daniel Hubbard, Mahwah Patch:

The fire started in a third-floor unit shortly after 4:09 p.m., police said. A woman was walking by and said she saw a 9-year-old girl trapped on a third-floor balcony.

“I don’t know how she didn’t catch on fire,” the witness said. “At first she was hesitant, but then she jumped.”

Lt. Jeffrey Dino saw the girl as well. She was surrounded by smoke and was home alone when the fire occurred, police said.

Lt. Dino got the girl to jump into his arms, Batelli said. She was taken a Mahwah ambulance at the scene and examined by emergency medical technicians. The girl was released to her mother, who arrived a short time later.

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