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‘Fill out the assignment — emergency — the house just blew up’ – Radio traffic from Henrietta, NY house explosion

Audio above from mcfw recorded during a response to a natural gas leak after a meter broke off inside a house on Buckley Place in Henrietta, New York (Monroe County). Firefighters from the Henrietta Fire District were on the scene when the home exploded.

Chris Horvatits, WHEC-TV:

Lieutenant Tom Hayes and Firefighter Tim Roberts were two of the first responders.

“Firefighter Roberts and I made our way up the driveway and at that time we could hear the free flow of the natural gas flowing from the gas line,” says Hayes.

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Chris Horvatits: “And as you’re smelling that, are you thinking in your mind there’s 100 percent chance this is going to explode — we need to back away?

Hayes: “Not at that time. We’re still trying to figure out where the actual source of the gas was.”

Hayes continues, “We asked if everybody was out of the house. He said everybody was out. His wife was parked in a car on the street.”

“The owner, Tim and myself started going back toward the fire engine,” says Hayes. “At that time was we were walking up the street, the house exploded.”

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