Homeowner hid hydrant — Guess whose home burned?

In Indianapolis, Indiana yesterday (Thursday) firefighters were delayed in finding a water supply because of a hidden hydrant. The plug was supposed to be in front of the home that burned. And it was. You just couldn’t see it because of modifications by the homeowner.


“They had no idea the hydrant was there,” said (Indianapolis Fire Department Battalion Chief Rita) Reith.

The hydrant was hidden by a white fence and two garbage cans. It was dark outside. Since fire crews could not find the hydrant that was closest to the home, they had to use one that was a block away.

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“We had to stop way back there, drop the line and drive all of the way up to the house,” said Reith.

“An extra minute or two when it is a life-saving matter means a lot,” said Reith.

The homeowner said she was not told this was illegal.

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