Check out the world’s first 360 helmet-cam for firefighters

My friend Rob Schield of Fire Cam has always been a pain to be around, but despite himself, he’s pretty brilliant and has a wife who is even smarter (that’s not one of those patronizing and sexist remarks … it’s just the truth). Always thinking about the next thing, Rob has a demonstration for us of the first 360 helmet-cam made for firefighters. Here’s his description:

This is a test of a 360 degree Fire Helmet Camera. Viewers control which direction they want to view on the firefighters helmet. This short video is from a small basement fire. If you are using a PC you can control the video by using your mouse or if you are using a mobile device you can use your fingers to control the viewing angle. Make sure you update your YouTube app on your Android or iPhone as it looks MUCH better on a mobile device. Enjoy! 

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