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Firefighter Facebook fail plus a bigger fail by the TV station that broke the story

Yes, we have another firefighter Facebook fail or SMACSS (Social Media Assisted Career Suicide Syndrome). This one is from a Jefferson Township, Ohio (Montgomery County) firefighter who resigned after criticizing an ad that poked fun of a boycott of the Oscars Sunday night (see the video below).

But the bigger fail may be the TV station that broke this story. Someone at WKEF-TV/ABC22Now in Dayton seems to think if you’ve seen one firefighter with a mustache on Facebook you’ve seen them all.

Imagine my shock when I watched this story last (Tuesday) night. While I’m hearing the reporter talk about Firefighter Jeff Jones from Jefferson Township, I’m seeing a picture of my very good friend Captain Willie Wines Jr. from Roanoke, Virginia. This didn’t happen just once, but three times in the story. Not cool.

The picture below is NOT the firefighter who resigned in Ohio

OH Jefferson township Willie Wines picture
Sorry, this is NOT the firefighter who resigned in Ohio

Let me repeat, the picture above is NOT the firefighter who resigned in Ohio

I used to call Willie, “America’s Fire Captain”, but that doesn’t mean he should to be the fall guy for the Facebook screw-up of every firefighter in the country.

After being alerted to the mix up, has taken down the video showing Willie. Below, are the excerpts from the news story that showed Willie instead of Firefighter Jeff Jones:

Below, is the picture that was at the beginning of the TV station’s coverage of Firefighter Jeff Jones. We are guessing this is the real Jeff Jones, but we don’t know for sure. If it is Jones, I don’t see the resemblance to Willie other than the facial here. Do you?

OH Jefferson township Willie Wines picture 3

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