Cheektowaga, NY house fire with evac as ammo cooks off – Video & radio traffic

Video and radio traffic from Don Murtha (Erie County New York Incidents) during a house fire yesterday (Thursday) morning on Harris Court in Cheektowaga, New York (Erie County).

The evacuation and ammo cooking off happens around 7:42 in the video. Here’s some of Don’s description:

U-Crest alerted for an electrical fire from the panel box in basement. Working fire
declared with heavy smoke showing from #2 side. Crews make entry from front
door searching for basement stairs. Heavy fire makes way into 1st floor on #2 side
causing ammunition to begin going off. Crews are evacuated from structure for
Defensive Operations. Fire climbs exterior wall into attic and becomes fully
involved. 1 FF hurt with minor injuries.

NY Cheektowaga house fire Harris Court 1 3024016
Conditions shortly after arrival
NY Cheektowaga house fire Harris Court 3 3-24-16
Conditions when evacuation ordered

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