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Video: Burger King workers break out windows by order of the ‘fire department’

Raw video, above, from Twacked420 showing Burger King employees in Coon Rapids, Minnesota on Friday knocking out windows because a phone call they thought came from the fire department. A few years ago we shared similar pranks that were pulled on hotel clerks working overnight. Now, pranksters have moved to fast food joints.


Calls have been coming into fast-food restaurants in several states, leading employees to break out the windows.

The prankster frames it as a gas emergency and the only way to vent the store is to smash all the glass.

At least three Burger Kings, one Wendy’s and one Jack in the Box have fallen for the prank, or to copycats.

On Friday, workers at a Burger King in the Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, smashed windows of the store after a caller convinced them the place might explode, police Capt. Tom Hawley told CNN.


One employee received a minor cut while breaking the windows, according to police. No other injuries were reported.

Police say they believe the call was a prank, and an investigation is underway to determine who made the phone call.

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