Town ditches volunteer firefighters — says it’s cheaper to contract with City of Pittsburgh

Lots of tears and anger last (Monday) night as the Ingram (PA) Borough Council voted 6-1 to close the local volunteer fire company and contract with the City of Pittsburgh for fire protection. The contract with Pittsburgh starts today. The council claims using the career department will save money.


Ingram Volunteer Fire Company Chief Don Browning was emotional about the closing of his fire house.

“I just don’t know what’s next for me, to be honest. I’ve been a member for 29 years, it’s been a big part of my life,” said Browning.

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Browning went on to say, “I am deeply disappointed that our council would take this action. I don’t think it’s what is best for our community.”

In the end, the council said this decision came down to the money. They claimed it will be cheaper for taxpayers and the borough to pay the City of Pittsburgh for fire protection.

“With the city, it’s a fixed cost over the next five years,” said Council President Sam Nucci. “No unforeseen things, no additional vehicles, no additional liabilities. You add on other things they (Ingram Volunteer Fire Company) need, it would total $1.5 million.”

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