News report: Firefighter listed as working overtime while sitting in jail

MI Detroit Firefighter Steve Cooley
Firefighter Steven Cooley

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From February 8 until last Friday, Detroit Firefighter Steven Cooley was in the Oakland County Jail. Cooley was serving a 93 day sentence after his arrest for DWI and carrying a concealed weapon under the influence. The Detroit Fire Department wants to know how Cooley ended up being listed as working and earning overtime while in jail.

Randy Wimbly, WJBK-TV:

Sources tell FOX 2 someone within the fire department filed paperwork on Cooley’s behalf to have him report to the Hazmat unit. This allowed Cooley to appear to be working and even get overtime all while behind bars.

Fire Commissioner Eric Jones released a statement which said in part:

“DFD first became aware of this issue on Monday, April 18, 2016. At that time the fire department undertook an examination of Mr. Cooley’s work status. Based on initial findings, the department has referred this matter to DPD’s internal affairs unit for further investigation.”

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