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Close call caught on video: Explosion at Indiana house fire

Check out what happens in the video, above, at 2:10. It was posted by the Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department of Whiteland, Indiana. This is the description with the video:

This video is of the first few minutes of a working residence fire that Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department responded to on April 25th, 2016. A vehicle that was also on fire fuel tank exploded while crews were starting fire attack. No injuries were reported at this fire.

Here’s the description from the Whiteland VFD Facebook page:

The following is a video from a recent Fire in Whiteland and this is Engine 71 the first arriving engine.

Watch the video and notice the explosion, although in real time doesn’t show the magnitude of the fire engulfing one firefighter, but as we watched it frame by frame from the helmet cam it truly shows the seriousness of the situation.

The video was obtained by a helmet cam that is mounted on the firefighters helmet.

This video is simply to allow the community to have a better understanding of the seriousness and dangers behind Fire and the job firefighters do at any given moment to provide this service to you.

No reported injuries during this incident.

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