Lawsuit blames Firehouse Subs theme for workers thinking they are rescuers

Are you as shocked as I am to learn that just because there’s firefighter memorabilia on the wall, the workers at Firehouse Subs aren’t trained to save your life?

A lawsuit in Florida says workers at the store on Northeast Fifth Avenue in Boca Raton botched an attempt to save 77-year-old Mario Skoff in March, 2014 when he choked on a turkey sandwich. The suit claims the theme of the restaurant is behind the staff’s inadequate attempt to rescue Skoff.

Jess Swanson, Borward-Palm Beach New Times:

Firehouse Subs’ staff darted towards him and performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, but allegedly not before clearing Skoff’s blocked airway. According to the complaint, this pushed the piece of turkey sandwich further down his esophagus. Skoff died.

Two years later, Skoff’s widow, Maryann, is still devastated, her attorney Mike Glasser tells New Times. She is now suing Firehouse Subs for her husband’s wrongful death, claiming that the firefighting theme made staff brazen enough to try to attempt CPR—instead of waiting for the actual first responders to arrive. The suit accuses franchise owners Doroty and Edvard Dessalines for not training their employees how to treat choking victims.

If the workers had waited for the real rescuers to arrive and Mr. Skoff still died, you don’t think there would have been a lawsuit about the employees doing nothing, do you?

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