Caught on video: Security camera captures Fort McMurray home being destroyed from inside

More than 1600 homes have been destroyed and 88,000 people displaced because of the large wildfire that hit Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. More than one family watched on a live feed of a home security camera as their home was destroyed. The video, above, shows the view inside one home 20-minutes after the family escaped.


As James O’Reilly joined the exodus out of Fort McMurray on jammed Highway 63 on Tuesday, he watched the view from his home’s security camera on his iPhone as flames broke through a window and devoured his living room.

The video shows flames swirling outside O’Reilly’s windows in the Abasand neighbourhood, just minutes after thousands of residents were ordered out of the city.

Hamilton Spectator:

The video — shot by an indoor security camera about 20 minutes after O’Reilly and his wife had barely enough time to grab some clothing and go — starts with a clear view of their living room, front window and two clown fish in a tank.

O’Reilly was in his truck, his wife in a vehicle behind, at Gregoire Lake south of town when he watched his home destroyed.

“We’ve been talking for two days about all the things we left behind,” he said. “We left pretty much all our important papers, some important pictures.”

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