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Doorbell camera captures firefighters efforts to save home

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Elton Hobson, Global News:

Amidst the much larger battle against the Fort McMurray wildfire, a much more intimate – but no less dramatic – fight was taking place.

On May 3, a Fort McMurray man’s doorbell camera captured the desperate battle as a crew of firefighters worked to save his home from the advancing flames.

Ken Bell, 40, recently had a new security system installed in his home in the North Parsons neighbourhood, one that included a doorbell camera.

Trevor Robb, Edmonton Sun:

After watching the video replay, Bell has a whole new appreciation for what firefighters do in the line of duty.

“They’re amazing,” said the 40-year-old. “Just watching how they go about it, how hard it must be, how fit they are and how knowledgeable they are. When you watch the video, and you see all the things they did to put the fire out and know where to look, it’s pretty impressive. They know what they’re doing.”

Bell said he still has access to the doorbell camera feed and checks it all the time now.

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