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Caught on video: Family drops 5 floors to escape apartment fire

All four members of a family in Strunino in Moscow survived a drops from a fifth floor apartment to escape a fire in the apartment one floor below. The last to jump, is apparently the only member of the family hospitalized.  As you watch the video, you will see that it’s pretty amazing none of the family hit the lower roof that juts out from first floor.

Jennifer Newton, Daily Mail Online:

A crowd of around 20 men gathered below the apartment building and urged the family to jump and they would catch them.

First to jump was the family’s youngest child, a toddler named Zhenyu, who gripped her blanket before falling though the smoke.

After she landed safely a second older child followed, before footage captured the children’s mother Elena launching herself from the balcony to the bystanders waiting below.
Then it was the turn of the father Vitaly to jump and he is seen steadying himself on the window’s edge.

Russia family jumps from apartment fire 2

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