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Runaway first due engine hits tree at house fire – 3 firefighters injured

PA Duryea runaway fire engine 3 5-28-16

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Coverage, above and below, from a house fire yesterday (Saturday) in Duryea, Pennsylvania (Luzerne County) where the first arriving engine took off and crashed into a tree. Three firefighters were hurt. Germania Hose Company’s Engine 126, according the the department website, is a 1995 Smeal.

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“The fire truck went right out of control,” said Bernadine Johnson of Duryea. “The fire truck went right out of control and it went down the block.”

Steve Gorman of Duryea added, “I was surprised. I was thinking ‘what is this fire truck doing?’”

Officials with the Germania Hose Company explain their crew was setting up to pump water on the flames when something went wrong, sending their truck rolling down the hill and then into a tree.

“A loud hiss, and they heard a pop and the engine started rolling. There was a guy on top. He was still on top when it started rolling. He jumped off,” said Germania Hose Company Chief Joseph Bender.

Three firefighters were injured in the crash and taken to the hospital. They are all expected to be ok.

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