Man arrested for arson provides very strange reason for setting apartment fire

His father says Reuben Cook became mentally impaired after a stroke. But Cook still seems to know what he doesn’t like and that’s listening to the neighbors in the next apartment having sex. Not necessarily an unusual complaint. The problem was in the way Cook tried to deal with the issue.

Elise Kaplan, Albuquerque Journal:

When police arrived at the multi-story, multi-family complex at 5904 Osuna NE a little before 10 p.m. they found minor fire damage, with four separate areas of origin, in one of the apartments.

When the officer asked Cook, the apartment’s tenant, to tell him about his day, Cook said “I started the fires in my apartment,” according to the complaint.

“He stated that he heard people having sex upstairs and making a lot of noise,” the officer wrote in the complaint. “Mr. Cook stated that by starting the fires he could go to ‘prison’ and get away from the noise.”

So the officers took him to the county jail, charging him with arson.

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