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Chief does 360 size-up with video for training & fire investigators

Video, above and below, from Scott Fire Department in Scott, Louisiana taken at a fire Saturday. It shows the view an assistant chief had during his 360 of the structure. In the description, the department explains more about the video:

Scott Firefighters along with the Duson and Carencro Fire Department, were dispatched to a working mobile home fire on Mills Street 6/11/16. Prior to the first Pumper arriving on scene, the Assistant Fire Chief performed a 360 degree size up of the scene utilizing a camera via cell phone and also a GoPro Helmet camera. This is usually done for training purposes, as well for the fire investigators, who usually arrive well after the fire has been extinguished.

The first Scott Pumper arrives on scene, the fire is located at the very end of a dead end Street. Firefighters deploy a hose line and starts cooling off the adjacent trailers, which had started to ignite and catch fire from the excessive heat. Shortly after several additional fire units arrive on scene and the fire is extinguished.
Video does not have audio. 

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