Ambulance crew fight damages lawns & leaves one EMT hanging on back of the unit

GA Gwinnett County ambulance fight 2 6-15-16

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A very strange story from Gwinnett County, Georgia on Wednesday. Two members of a private ambulance crew began fighting in a Duluth neighborhood. Neighbors say one of the crew pulled a knife and at one point of one of the pair drove off with the other riding on the back of the rig. Med-Care EMS said the only comment they will make is that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.


Police say Kyle Lathon was the man who drove away in the ambulance.

(WSB-TV reporter Richard) Elliot reports the ambulance tore through five front yards, smashing down mailboxes, damaging electrical boxes and knocking down resident Eric Nabeth’s tree.

Resident James Perry says he saw the other employee hanging onto the back of the ambulance.

“Came outside and saw a yellow-colored ambulance going down the roadway with a gentleman hanging off the back saying, ‘Help me! Call 911,'” Perry said.

Perry says the man eventually jumped off.

Police arrested Lathon and charged him with reckless conduct along with five counts of hit-and-run.


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