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Video: When you know it’s time to move the TV live shot

You see, firefighters don’t have to accuse people with cameras of arson to chase them away from the fireground (as happened in Detroit a week ago). All the firefighters have to do is start their own fire.

Check out the video, above, from KTLA-TV reporter Steve Kuzj during a fire yesterday (Thursday) in Lake Isabella, California. Kuzj and photographer Victor Vargas had just finished their 11:00 p.m. live shot from the Erskine fire. They report they were sent to that location by the California Highway Patrol.

The video is pretty self-explanatory, but here’s more from the KTLA-TV website:

Reporter Steve Kuzj and cameraman Victor Vargas scrambled to get their equipment into the truck and flee, getting away safely.

Vargas said the pair noticed firefighters lighting backfires close by as Kuzj finished up his live report on the fire, which at that point was estimated at 5,000 acres and had burned about 80 homes and structures.

Kuzj said the California Highway Patrol had sent him and Vargas, along with others, to that spot where the flames approached the van.

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