Fire Department fails to pay insurance leaving hospital bill for injured firefighter

TX Wharton County Glen FLora firefighter

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Hospitalized for more than a week because of carbon monoxide poisoning received at an apartment fire, Firefighter Adraylle Watson learned that his fire department doesn’t have his back. Watson, a member of the Glen Flora VFD in Wharton County, Texas, discovered he’s on his own to pay the hospital bills and more.


“And he told us to go up and to assist his guys. Upon going up, we were instructed we didn’t need no breathing apparatus on, that the fire was pretty much out. When I got out o fair, got out of breath and had to come down – that was the last thing I remembered,” Watson said.

The volunteer firefighter learned the Glen Flora Fire Department didn’t have the extra insurance policy to cover his injuries or the loss of work from his full-time job.

A spokesperson for the department said that extra policy was cancelled in 2014 because they simply couldn’t afford it in the small town.

TX WHarton Glen Flora VFD

“Not once were we ever informed, even when we got on the truck and made the few mile trip from Glen Flora to Wharton…we were not ever instructed that there was no insurance for us,” Watson said.


If you would like to help a Glen Flora Volunteer firefighter who is in the hospital please follow the contact information below. 

All donations out to can be made out to Adraylle L. Watson Fund and may be sent to P.O. Box 86 Glen Flora, TX 77443.  Anyone that would like to help partake and volunteer with Mr. Watson’s fundraiser, you may contact the Glen Flora Vol. Fire Dept. at [email protected] or 979.533.1829.  

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