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Caught on video: Wild scene as firefighters overrun by wildfire

The dashcam video, above, was making news yesterday (Thursday) even though it appears to have originally been posted in January and is from the November 25, 2015 Pinery wildfire in South Australia. Either way it is dramatic and somewhat amazing that no one was injured.

Daily Mail:

About two minutes into the video a huge wall of flames can be seen moving towards the trucks from the right-hand side of the road.

‘Here it comes! Here it comes!’ a firefighter says desperately as it draws nearer.

The leading fire truck then starts reversing to escape the inferno but crashes into the vehicle behind it.

‘Jesus fu***** Christ!,’ a firefighter says. (January article):

With the wind shaking his truck and flames coming uncomfortably close, the captain issues a mayday call, fearing for the lives of his men.

“I have two men out of the appliance. I’ve got no idea where they are,” he said.

One of the crewmen, Brenton Eden, told 7News this fire was unlike any he had ever experienced.

“I haven’t seen fire behaviour like that in my career,” he said.

“I am still in awe that they got out of that without any injuries.”

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