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Watch this video & then explain why we are so damn angry?

This is one of those videos that doesn’t necessarily have to do with fire or EMS –though it very well could have.

The website DIYPhotography reports that automotive photographer Alex Stone (evoalex) was shooting a vehicle on the side of what appears to be an empty and mostly deserted rural road in Ramona, California (San Diego County) on Saturday. Mostly deserted, except for resident Mark Gordon who didn’t like that Stone was there. Watch the video, it’s self-explanatory.

John Aldred, DIYPhotography reports that, after this confrontation, Mark Gordon is learning the hard way that photography is not a crime, but that attempting to run down a photographer with your SUV is (more on the story from the Ramona Sentinel):

Yesterday, we showed you a video of a somewhat agitated driver harassing automotive photographer Alex Stone, who he felt was trespassing on his “private driveway” (which police have confirmed was actually a public road), with his truck.

Police were quick to take action and have now identified and arrested 52 year old Mark Gordon as the driver of the vehicle. As well as being charged with misdemeanour battery and vandalism, Gordon is facing a felony charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

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