Video with citizen play-by-play: ‘Yes sir, there’s a fire girl’ & other ridiculous comments in Worcester, MA

An interesting video, above, by udizzy1969 from a fire Wednesday morning in a Worcester, Massachusetts three-decker at 22 Gage Street.

What makes the video for me is the inane chatter from Mr. Udizzy. I’m always a sucker for citizen play-by-play.

This commentary stands out because it’s the first clearly sexist one I’ve encountered in nine years of publishing this site. At 12:30 into the video he zooms into a female firefighter coming back to the rig and announces, “Yes sir, there’s a fire girl!” followed by something unintelligible. He then freeze frames some shots of this “fire girl.”

It doesn’t stop there. At 13:16, now shooting from his apartment window, Udizzy shows us another female firefighter with this commentary, “Sweet girl — backing up the truck.” Yes, it’s a bit on the creepy side, to say the least.

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